Saturday, July 20, 2013

Current Axe..

My main guitar nowadays is Ibanez RG7321BK.. One of the best for budget concern.. Changed the stock bridge pickup with Dimarzio’s ToneZone-7 (I’m a big fan of ToneZone =P)

And another one is Ibanez RG1550M-PBL. Swapped stock pups with Dimarzio ToneZone in Bridge and AirNorton in neck.. Basswood body & Maple neck+board.. Best super strat [period].. MIJ necks are much more comfortable for me..

MXR M102 Dyna Comp (Current) (Updated)

Well this is my 4th MXR stompbox.. after Dist+, noise clamp & smart gate (more about them later).. if I’m on dist channel, I’ll rather use Maxon CP101 (coz dyna comp is one of the noisiest compressor pedal out there) but my major use is to tame the Vox V847’s fully toe-down high frequency range and to have that what I call ‘pluck-pluck’ sound in clean channel..

but mind you wouldn’t want to engage it together with the amp’s dist or your OD/Dist pedal together..

But If you consider M101 Phase90 the master piece, Dyna Comp is the venus statue, where in the world can you find such a beauty without arms?

Update: I've switch DynaComp to Xotic effect USA's SP Compressor.. Sweet sweet sounding small little box..

Guitar World’s Top 50 Stomp-boxes..

Here we go..
 1 TS9 (Using)
 2 CryBaby Wah (Using)
 3 Digitech Whammy (Using)
 4 Phase 90 (Switched back to Script Phase 45)
 5 BigMuff
 6 Vox 847 Wah (Used)
 7 Dyna Comp (Switched with Xotic SP Compressor)
 8 Deluxe MemoryMan
 9 A/DA flanger
 10 CE1 Chorus
 11 MT2 Metal Zone (Used)
 12 Small stone
 13 Chopper
 14 Mutron III
 15 MXR 6 Band EQ
 16 Fulltone OCD
 17 Rangemaster
 18 Echoplex
 19 FuzzFactory
 20 DD3 delay (Switched with TC Flashback)
 21 Mutron BiPhase
 22 DS1 (Used)
 23 Seek Wah
 24 Carbon Copy
 25 Orange Squeezer
 26 OC2 Octaver
 27 MXR Flanger
 28 Fuzz Face
 29 Univibe
 30 Octavia
 31 Eventide PitchFactor
 32 Klon Centaur
 33 DM2 Delay
 34 Rat (Used)
 35 Ebow
 36 Adrenalinn
 37 Butler TubeDriver
 38 EH FrequencyAnalyzer
 39 DeArmond 601 Tremolo
 40 Sans Amp
 41 Jamman
 42 TC Elec Stereo Chorus
 43 DL4 Delay
 44 Fulltone Supa-Trem
 45 Bad Horsie wah
 46 Heil TalkBox
 47 EH MicroSynth
 48 Lovetone Meatball
 49 Foxx ToneMachine
 50 FlyingPan

 Yup, i can live with 4 or 5 stomp-boxes.. =)


Hi All..

I intend to write my personal views and thoughts on Guitars, Amps, FXs (especially stomp-boxes) and computer based recording equipments/software(s)/interfaces and other music related accessories i owned/tried/borrowed/robbed from friends in the past, present and also upcoming ones =)

Not really sure if it will be of help for anyone but at least i can remember which ones pissed me off and which one’s a keeper =)